EZautoauction fraud



Welcome Salvageworld.net and ezautoauction.com victims. Please read and contact us if you wish to join our forces.

Right now a valid phone number for him and his cronies is 954-648-5118. He is also residing in the New York City vicinity. He is using another mail drop address of  1000 N West Street 1200 Wilmington Delaware. 

02/02/2017 Update.


I received some threatening emails from David and George. I will post them below.

They registered a Gmail address in my name as Rayhillebrandpedophile@gmail.com They did it from ip address which is in Virginia. 


My name is Ray I like to fuck little boys. You involved people that are not Davids business associates innocent people who did not sell you a vehicle that their licenses were used. You need to take what you got coming to you like a man. Tomorrow you will be americas poster boy. Not to mention a cease and desist will be filed in the courts and a ten million dollar suit for slander. You read southern boy. You have a problem with David he claims ya all settled up now you want to be a coca roach.. we fight fire with fire... I had time boy you would be walking crooked. Them other folks did nothing to you, attorney generals will laugh at you.. Keep the site up you stupid fuck.. You have 24 hours.. content is ready and once it goes up rip off report and those sites it cant be taken down they wont let us and you can blame yourself you little bitch..sleep on it .. give me the green light and until the day you die they will remember you as ray hillebrand the guy who liked to fuck little boys and get fucked in his kentucky ass David owes us 5k not to mention what you are going to owe for damages get ready to buck up for his bill


On Thu, Feb 2, 2017 at 3:44 PM, Ray H... <Rhillebrand@kc.rr.com> wrote:

If you are truly one of Davids business associates then give him up and I will pull your names down. If you won’t then I will continue.


From: Ray hillebrand [mailto:raymondhillebrandpedophile@gmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, February 02, 2017 1:34 PM
To: Rhillebrand@kc.rr.com; ezautoauction@gmail.com
Subject: re: rayhillebrandpedophile.com




   10 websites will be up with you molesting children in your area not to mention we own your name. You will be known worldwide as the pedophile stalker of Kansas because you barked up the wrong tree you fat fuck. You had dealings with David now you implicated my family and friends. I dont give a fuck what dealings you had with David you trailer park trash crystal meth smoking fuck. You call or implicate me or anyone from my time one more time you are done. You are about to get hit from every angle online, your local authorities, and where it hurts fat boy in your fucken pocket you better start sucking big fat black dick to start paying for attorneys. David owes us fucken money, the both of you are about to learn a hard lesson. You got 24 hours Ray to take peoples names off who have nothing to do with shit you dont understand you are about to be on rip off report sites, complaints board sites, my 3 cent sites... Make sure you hire the best lawyer Kentucky has you fucken ungrateful punk bitch. No need to protect who owns these domains, you cant have them wait until your pictures go up online and your neighbors hold their children so close to them lets see how your wife has to put her head down when she walks in the super market. You are a little bitch, and when you running around like a chicken without a head consuming every minute of your day just know you started this sick fuck, you have 24 hours. You can have David contact us as he owes us money fuck you and fuck him. 





01/18/-2017 Update.


I received a partial refund from David Allard. There were some fees that were supposed to be refunded months ago and I created this website to prod him to return my money. I got the money but I still don't have a title for my motorhome. I have been in contact with him. This is a cut and past of our last emails and a email from him.  As you can see in the email, it is my fault that he lied to me. By the way, the other people that have lost money on them was their fault, not Mr. Allards. 

I will never receive a valid title or paperwork from these guys and I am sure they will never refund my money. I will continue to pursue these scumbags as time permits but it may not be as vigorous as has been in the past. If you are reading this because you have been cheated or scammed by these guys then contact me and I will try to help you as best as I can. I am already passing this information on to others that are chasing him also.




      My dealings with you and my dealings with John are separate. You want to be an advocate and continue to cause damages to the company and its affiliates, by all means continue to do so.  The $1485 included the cost of your refund plus half  the cost of your quiet title process. I offered you other options for the title and you refused. That is off the table now. That's what we discussed. If you don't deposit the money orders I am not sending other ones. So don't bother sending them back I will refuse them. I have proof your vehicle was delivered, we sent you the title we sold it with and your refund that was promised. It is not my fault you did not check with your home state to see the salvage certificate it was advertised with was acceptable in your home state. As far as I am concerned my dealings with you are done. Now if you want to keep the websites up and continue doing what you are doing that is fine. It will be met with swift litigation by all parties. Sell the domains do what you want. This is why your refund was delayed because I already know what kind of person you are. You didn't sign the settlement agreement because you never had any intensions of abiding by it. The only people that did not get refunds yet are the people that did not want to sign settlement agreements or refuse to abide by their contractual obligations.


Please note that the title paperwork he sent me was supposed to be from Progressive Insurance and according to Progressive the paperwork is fake. The names of representatives on the paperwork from Progressive are not valid in the company. The reassignment was from Insurance Auctions LLC which has been suspended in Florida for years so they could not legally reassign any vehicle titles. I can show documented proof of my claims if requested. 


It appears that they now have turned their phones off. A couple of days ago I received a email from what was supposed to be the web site owners and administrators offering to settle with me so I would pull this site down. They want to reactivate the site to a new company. The only way I would consider that is if they produced a full disclosure on David Allard and his cronies. 

 It may be time to combine everyone that has been scammed and see if we can get some Federal assistance. If enough people come forward they cannot ignore us and if enough people do we may have a racketeering investigation. There is strength in numbers. Lets make this happen. 

If you have been scammed then please register here or contact me through the contact us page. I need to compile all the data and coordinate with everyone so you know what's going on.  Thanks for looking at this site.   





Update: The 8425 Woodfield crossing address shown on the website before they shut it down is no longer valid. A letter that was sent by the Indiana Attorney General was returned as undeliverable.

These guys will be popping up again with a new website and scam organization. We will find them again and pursue them. If you have any information please pass it on. Thank you. 



 Update: A quick investigation into who registered and owns the ezautoauction.com web site reveals a company called Alexo Consulting Group. This company is owned by a person named 



 This corporation also has other wesites in the salvage auction business. I am including the list of websites that have complaints against all these companies. It appears George has quite a scam going. He and the others tied into this scam need to be stopped. 

Salvage World Insurance Auction World Wide

GSA Auctions LLC (www.SalvageWorld.net)

Salvage World Net

Salvage World Insurance Auction World Wide

Salvage world
Salvage Thiefs

Salvage World
401 e las olas blvd fort lauderdale florida will not refund my $1200 internet, florida

GSA Auctions LLC Testimony of a completed deal

GSA Auctions LLC/salvageworld.net

Salvage world auto aution
They sell crashed cars and motorcycles salvage world wants 400 dollars down but refuse to return it on refund

Salvage world FRAUD! Auction deposit stolen.intern




Update: David Allard and most likely  GEORGE ALEXOPOULOS has shut down his website. He is running and trying to hide. The good thing about that is he can no longer scam anyone else. The bad thing is he probably will reappear as a different website and continue his crooked ways. I am sure I have him located but I need a little more documentation before I post his information publicly. If anyone out there has a document with his signature I would appreciate a copy. There's strength in numbers and I believe more folks that have been scammed will be contacting me. If enough people come forward I believe we can have a Federal investigation started on him. Please help get this started. 


I am updating information on this page as I get it. Please check back as I will put the updates in red. 

Also, please register on the forum. I have had numerous contacts from others that bought vehicles and never received them and did not get refunds. I believe there is strength in numbers. If we can share information we can stop these crooks.


I am creating this page to warn other consumers about the website Http://ezautoauction.com  The owners of this company sell salvage vehicles and do not produce legal paperwork for ownership purposes. They are a fraud and are connected with a company in Ft. Lauderdale Florida that has been suspended. The BBB in Florida gives them a F rating.

Beware of dealing with this company and it owner David Allard. They also have a office in Indianapolis Indiana that is just a mail address. 

These fraudsters are operating from auto salvage pools like Copart and others and are operating in multiple states. They do not have a dealer license and cannot reassign a title. They sell vehicles that titles cannot be acquired for and represent that they can. 

Additional information and links to the BBB sites will be forthcoming shortly. If you have any questions please contact me. 



 The Salvageworld site is owned by Insurance Auctons LLC. Which is tied to ezautoauction.com The BBB rating tells it all.

For those of you that received paperwork from Insurance Auctions LLC below is the contact information for the Florida Attorney General.



Additional Information

BBB file opened: 12/02/2011Business started: 07/21/2011

Licensing, Bonding or Registration

On September 3, 2014 the Division of Motorist Services revoked the license of Insurance Auctions, LLC DBA Salvage World due to the lack of a surety bond. BBB encourages you to contact the following agency or agencies to confirm this information:
Motor Vehicle Field Operations
1135 Banks Road
Margate, Florida 33063
Telephone = (954) 969-4216
FAX = (954) 969-4237

36 thoughts on “EZautoauction fraud”

  1. Well, after I put this up they contacted me and wanted me to sign a affidavit holding them harmless and then they would send a check. I gave them until today just to honor their committment and they haven’t.

    My next steps are sending all the info to the Attorneys General of the states of Texas, Florida, New York, and Indiana. I have to do that simply because I have documentation from them for all four states and it looks like Indiana is their LLC address.

    I have also been in contact with an attorney and will be sending him a retainer and the filing fees to get a lawsuit started. Once that happens there is no turning back.

    I believe they think that I will just go away. It’s not going to happen.

  2. I am currently going through the same issues with these Guys, “David Allard and Chris Reeda”
    They got my $53,000.00. No car, No refund.
    Giving me the run around. Very Fraudulent individuals.
    I am in pursuit.

  3. I bought a Cummins truck for $14,000…same as everyone else. Worse part is I’m currently in Afghanistan and an very limited at what I can do. Please pass any info to me as that $14,000 hurt very badly.

  4. The phone number 3025959090 is still being answered. They claim to be an answering service but I think it’s them answering the phone. I will call everyday.

    1. I agree with that. When I would call they could look up data and knew things an answering service wouldn’t normally know about company operations.

  5. These people have short down their phone and disappeared with my hard earned $53.000.00.
    We must all come together and put these bastards in jail.
    Ez auto auction David Allard and Chris Reeda.
    Real Names
    Salvage world

  6. If anyone has other names they go by please post them. If anyone has a good address please post them. They will surface again so we need to keep looking for them. Thank you John

  7. i have lost my money to salvageworldauctions.com after wiring them the money for the car they never picked up my phone calls an I’ve lost $10,000 dollars plz someone help if they can call me 718-769-7213

  8. You guys need to stop hurting yourselves and read the privacy policies and the agreements you signed. Instead of going after and blogging about innocent people. I have purchased vehicles from all these sites instead of whining cut a deal with them. You are causing companies damage and they will use it against you in your fight try litigating. Mr. Hillenbrant can open up 50 more sites Mr. Fornshell but these guys can open up 5000 new domain names. You are picking the wrong side. Pull your comments down and these guys will get you a car. I was a victim once as well and I did the same shit you guys did. Mr. Hillenbrant is a penny wise dollar foolish scumbag made money money and try to extort guys for a title any of you that post things on here know it will be used against you in court then go leave a $5000 retainer for a lawyer litigate for the next 2 to 3 years and you fill find your self loosing double the money instead of communication. Mr. Hillenbrant tried to squeeze for title costs for a vehicle that he received and was paid on. Good luck to all of you

    1. Oh George (or David whoever you really are). You take money from people and don’t produce the product. Then you tell them you have something different for them (not what they originally purchased) and tell them to take it or leave it. You are samming people. You are whining that this site is causing you not to be able to pay your bills. This site went up because you didn’t pay your bills. In my case it is costing me extra to get a title that you failed to produce. I will get something done in spite of you.

      The license you were using to transfer paperwork has been suspended from Florida for years. Mydealeronline caught onto you before I contacted them and pulled your website down because you were operating without a license. For those of you reading that did paperwork if it is by Insurance Auctions LLC then the paperwork is worthless, especially if the state you try to license in does a background check on the license number. Good luck after that.

      David (George), You are hiding behind corporate address that are only mail drops. You purposely do not have a physical address for any corporation so you can continue these scams without impunity.

      I now have your and Sabrina address both in New York and Miami. I know about the 8th st address and the Granada Place address. I plan to turn those over to those who have been scammed so they can pass them on to law enforcement.

      You did a good job of hiding but I found you. My next step is to deal with Sabrina since she was involved in my sale. Again, I plan to handle that through Florida since it is there where they handled the purchase. Florida law does not allow the sale of a motor vehicle without a title and I’m sure they will want to know how my sale was handled without a title.

      You guys did this to yourselves. There is good money to be made doing what you are doing in a legal fashion instead of stealing from people. I guess greed got the better of you eh??

    2. Ha! Ha! So you say you were also a victim you pussy !!! So how would you know about Mr hillabrand title issues ,No one believes your piece of shit comment asking us take down and back off ,you must think we some punks , bitch you listen to me ,I know everything about you son of bitch and believe me me and my guys will NOT back down ,look at the amount you have taken from us .. we have got good news and you soon will see what the fuck I’m talking about …I’m the Mastermind behind this recovery and I speak for Mr hillabrand and the rest of us , I’m the one that got you to come to a police station and file harassment charges on me BITCH !!!! So………..
      *** PIPILIZOUN TO POULI MOU ******

  9. what scams you fat fuck raymond you pedophile of kansas crystal meth smoking fuck. You have this website up for 4 months and have 3 complaints when you got your vehicle mother fucker go fuck yourself keep it up all you want by the time we are done with you and legal fees you wont be able to afford to pay for the domain name you stupid son of a bitch


  11. you aint turning shit over to you and one person these people have nothing to do with you and David you piece of shit… you just cost yourself much more than your vehicle you dumb fuck, the suit is coming and we are filing it in two other states wait until you have to run around like a little bitch and while you are away the repo company going to take your shit… that you didnt pay for

  12. Tsk, tsk, tsk, Sabrina and George. I told you I wouldn’t pull the site down even with your threats. We are past this now. Our next step is legal action so PLEASE!! Post those sites. As soon as you do it opens up another source I can glean information from. Please come and sue me. I want to see you in person. I will get to subpoena your tax records, your business records, and all other records that would be pertinent. I’m looking forward to it.

  13. Your only solution is to make things right with people. Since you are choosing not to do that then you are serving up your own poison. Everything posted on this site has documentation behind it. You know it, I know it and all you have is threats. You’re not the victim here.

  14. I guess George thinks he doesn’t have to pay the people back that he stole from anyone can contact me I will give you the addresses we have for them. They continue to act like anyone that paid them and didn’t receive what they bought are the ones in the wrong. They will soon see they can not hide from the law. Good luck to them when they are shunned in the circles they run in.

  15. The address 333 SE 2nd ave Miami Florida is fake also. The building management company confirmed no one there by that name. I have verified the Pa address yet but I’m sure it’s no good either.

  16. My husband and I (seniors) were scammed by this company and we have a long paper trail of attempted communication and promises made by e-mail
    that were never kept. After roping us in with a supposed successful bid they told us we’d been outbid and then wouldn’t return our money, over

    1. The best I can do is add you to the list. As you can see above their real names are George and Sabrina. I will keep this site up as long as there are victims. The world needs to know. My suggestion to you is to pass this blog onto all your contacts to get the word out. They have been smug about their dealings. Using a Delaware address and hiding behind Delaware corporate laws they can operate without impunity.

  17. Please keep me posted on any updates.

    Alpine Auto Auctions took $11,500 from me and I never received a car or title.

  18. Add me to the whatever action you are taking.

    I would like information on them, but it is probably worthless. They are operating behind proxies as well as shell companies.

    I am going to see if I can get someone on the DN to own all 6 of there websites and maybe we can gain more info that way.

    *** they took 8000$ from my company for a vehicle. My partner who speaks poor English was taken into the scam***

    Please pas any information to me, it could be helpful in a brute force web attack.

  19. Please include me on whatever action you are taking against them. I purchased a vehicle through salvageworld.net back in 2013 and actually received it. What I didn’t receive was the $500 deposit that was owed to me. Tried over and over again to get my deposit but didn’t have any success. Hopefully this can get us somewhere. I have e-mails / account proof on the salvageworld.net website of the purchase, deposits etc…

  20. It’s been a year now that EZautoauctions, David Allard and Chris Redda took $53.000 from me, no money no car.
    Just to put it out there.

  21. Hey guys, these scum bags got me for 24,000. Robin 972-763-5228, Robert Bell-(Jansen Kendal) 800-610-6775, 305-767-7798, Salvage World Auctions with a great google review,The same scam, sold me a car, one week later the car is gone and put me on another car. Now they just give me the run around. Don’t answer there phones or emails. They also have another site called insurance auctions,

    Contact FBI internet fraud and they will have you fill out a IG3 form and maybe we can arrest some of these scum bags. Please everyone here and anybody you know who have been scammed be these losers. Thats our only recourse at this time.

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