How to safely buy a salvage vehicle.

FWIW, you do not need any of these clowns to purchase a salvage vehicle from a salvage pool. You can go directly to or and register on their web sites to bid on vehicles. They also have recommended dealers that you can go through to purchase vehicles with normal titles. Those dealers charge fees for the paperwork but you will get the proper documentation and get your vehicle. STOP USING THESE SCAMMERS. They are a Ponzi scheme. They take your money and use it to purchase vehicles for someone else then they take the next guys money and try to pass a different vehicle to you.

Look at the vehicles on their websites, pick a vehicle, note the current bid  and then look for the vehicle on the Copart website. You will find the vehicle is cheaper on Copart. I looked at the Alpineautoauctions website and picked out a vehicle they claimed was in Texas. I found the same vehicle, same pictures, and same vin at a Copart in Ill. for $3k less.

Do your homework and don’t deal with these pukes. You can get your vehicle safely through the legitimate websites. Those legitimate websites also have a legitimate physical location instead of a mail drop. Again, do the research. The address for ezautoacution, alpineautoauctions, ibidsafely, salvageworld, and others have mail drop addresses. They hide behind shell corporations that also have mail drop addresses. That’s because they do not want to be found once they have your money and do not want to make the deal good. They do not use their real names but the names above are their true identity.

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