Update: George and Sabrina. Mark is son of George Alexopoulos and has been convicted of this before.

This link takes you to a .pdf describing Mark Alexopoulos being convicted and ordered to pay restitution for the same thing.


16-2016 Mark Alexpoulos sentenced (2)

2 thoughts on “Update: George and Sabrina. Mark is son of George Alexopoulos and has been convicted of this before.”

  1. Ray seriously when you drop dead from cardiac arrest for being a cry baby bitch after you are a known pedophile who is going to pay for your servers to host the websites? You throw all these innocent people under the bus when you dealt with an outfit out of Indiana whom used these people that are in the industry for 20 years who have been victims of circumstance but yet you still wait around to get a whiny unhappy person once every two or three months. Grow the fuck up they should have fucked you on the motor home you caused trouble for good people I do business with you are a fucken asshole bringing an innocent woman into this you fucken jerk off and putting her name on the internet, more so an old man who is 70 years old that you did not even pay or have any business with. Hope you rot in hell and or a Tornado lifts your motor home in Kansas and blows you to where you belong. In life some people are just jerk offs and you are the epidamy of what a jerk off means.

    1. Awe, and here I thought you liked me! Seriously though. You chose to steal from people, you chose to misrepresent what you were selling, you are still running your scams under anothers name and license. It’s not me or the people that you screwed fault. It’s yours and I suspect very soon your house of cards will come crashing down. I hope very soon I can pull these websites down once you are in jail.

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