We became a customer and then a victim of Ezautoauction.com business practices. We purchased our motorhome on Ebay just before Ebay suspended their account. Unfortunately we followed through on our part only to be lied to. 

We have created this site to warn other potential customers and help those that have been scammed. 

 We will be adding a forum for victims to communicate with each other and share information shortly. Please check back soon.

4 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Please keep me informed to any updates.

    I wired AlpineAutoAuctions $11,500 for a 2014 VW Golf back in Feburary 2017, and have not received, the car or a refund, and have not been able to speak with them for the last few months.

    The person I dealt with was “Joe Kelly”

    Thanks! – Titus Glick

    1. As per our conversation I will be sending you their street addresses. Since you are in New York maybe you could pay them a personal visit. And, as you have discovered there is no such person as Joe Kelly. It’s another phony alias they are using.

      1. I should have put a qualifier here in this post. Yes, alpineautoauction is not the same as alpineautoauctions.com. I did put up a warning site Here In that website I did state that your company is not the scammers and explained why and how to tell the difference. I did send a email to your site when I set up the fraud warning site to let you know about these thieves and why I did it.

        To anyone reading this post. Alpine auto auction has a physical presence and not a online preference only like the scammers do.

        Again I stress, if you cannot visit them in any physical location they are probably going to steal your money and you can’t do anything about it.

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